Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone

Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone

Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone

Princess Teia, daughter of the last king of Judah, begins a harrowing journey after she’s rescued by the prophet Jeremiah from the burning city of Jerusalem. They flee from Judah, but not before Jeremiah retrieves a sacred stone that he brings on their journey to Egypt. While there, amid Teia’s efforts to cope with devastating loss comes an unexpected awakening of her heart when she meets Eochaid, a foreign ship captain who’s also a prince of the faraway nation of Erin. The two young nobles fall in love, but just as their romance begins, they must part to follow their preordained destinies of ruling separate nations.

After Eochaid sails home to his ailing father, the heartbroken princess embarks on a perilous ocean voyage, where eluding pirates and surviving a raging tempest won’t be the greatest threats to her life. Instead, it’s the whisperings and seeds of doubt being sown by an invisible foe who seeks to destroy her soul as she struggles through the storms of life to hold on to her trust and belief in God.

Against the backdrop of daring escapes on land and sea, raging sword battles, and deadly sorcerers, an emotional journey ensues across multiple continents for both Teia and Eochaid as they contend with lost love, personal tragedy, and stirring spiritual transformation. All the while they’re unaware that the steady, unseen hand of God has been guiding their paths as part of his plan to restore Judah’s everlasting throne—as symbolized by the coronation stone that Israel’s patriarch Jacob once used as a pillow in the wilderness.

Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone is the story
of an everlasting kingdom …
and of true love.

2017 Illumination Award Silver Medal
2017 Illumination Book Awards Silver Medalist
Inspirational/Romance Fiction
International Book Award
2017 International Book Awards
Religious Fiction Finalist
2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards
Religious Fiction Finalist and Honorable Mention Winner
2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards
Christian – Romance – Historical
Gold Medal Winner

Praise for Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone

“Brittain seamlessly weaves historical fact, legend, and biblical references into an engrossing tale of faith and love.” —Publishers Weekly

“A well-researched, solidly described novel based on legend and history.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Brittain brings together Irish and Jewish cultures in her captivating fictional debut. An unforgettable tale.”— RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars—Top Pick

“The popularity of books featuring stalwart princes, charming princesses, and tales of derring-do never wanes, and D. A. Brittain has produced an admirable one. A welcome first novel from an author to watch.” —BlueInk Review

“D. A. Brittain’s sweeping novel imaginatively ties the modern practices of British royals to historical events. Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone finds proof of God’s ultimate plan in the events of the past.” —Foreword Clarion Review

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