Enter into a story
of an everlasting kingdom
... and of true love.

Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone by D. A. Brittain

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New Release!

New Release!

From novelist D. A. Brittain comes Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone, a story of an everlasting kingdom and of true love. Princess Teia, daughter of the last king of Judah, begins a harrowing journey after she’s rescued by the prophet Jeremiah from the burning city of Jerusalem. They flee from ...

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What Readers Are Saying About Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone

  • “I enjoyed this book. It blended fiction, historical events, and romance all together in a great story.”

    Paul (Goodreads)
  • “It was a very beautiful novel! I could not stop reading! […] The characters come to life before your eyes.”


  • “A very engaging and exciting book! D.A. Brittain writes a powerful story, one that will keep the reader wanting more. The reader can tell, also, that she has done her research. Looking forward to reading more of her books.”

    Vanessa (GoodReads)

  • “This gripping novel lures the reader in and never lets go. It’s not easy for a writer to keep two story lines equally riveting, but D.A. Brittain does a masterful job. I never dreaded switching viewpoints because both Teia and Eochaid’s stories were filled with excitement and danger. I highly recommend this incredible novel.”

    Janet (Goodreads)

  • “I found this book to be the perfect blend of the Bible, historical fact, and romantic fiction. I loved how the Prophet Jeremiah managed to save Teia, yet my favorite part of the book would have to be when Teia met Eochaid as that was when the romantic element entered the plot. Overall, I really enjoyed reading about Teia and I would love to read more about her in the future!”

    Sefina (Readers’ Favorite Reviews)

  • “This title blends Scripture with fiction as you follow the journey of the Princess Teia from the destruction of Jerusalem to her ultimate home in the islands of Britannia. Her ‘guide’ is the prophet, Jeremiah. The telling of this story is ‘wrapped’ in modern times with the coronation of the new King of England.

    “I could tell that the author did a fantastic job of research. The story did awaken a desire for me to read the Scripture which initiated the story and now I want to explore more of the documentation referenced.”

    Laura (NetGalley)

  • “The book is a very well-written mystery \ thriller that keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end. But what really makes it stand out is that it tells a tale based on tradition that, although can’t be proven, seems very real and possible. Interspersed throughout are Biblical references which adds a whole new dimension both to the tale and the Biblical stories.

    “Also included are the chapter and verse of Biblical references, historical references for the Jewish calendar referenced in the book, and a bibliography of the author’s references (with more detail on the author’s website). This is greatly appreciated by anyone who might wish to explore more of the history/tradition basis. And I will be one of those who will be making use of those references.”

    Terry (Goodreads)
  • “I want to thank D.A. Brittain & Goodreads for giving me a copy of this book, along with personalize note to me from the author. I loved it! The descriptions and the settings were amazing: the landscapes, temples, foods, and smells. There were plenty of surprising twists that I didn’t see coming. I loved seeing how God’s hand was with Teia even when she felt like He wasn’t there. What seemed to her like set backs was really just God at work, making sure that she was where she needed to be at the right time. A fun historical fiction read!”

  • “What a great read. I was not able to put it down. The author D.A. Brittain was able to keep me engaged throughout the whole book.”

    Patti (Goodreads)
  • “Engaging historical novel! Wonderful adventure and love story that also moved me spiritually. I was hooked from the first chapter until the end. The author weaved an interesting twist in the story about a well known ancient biblical artifact (the stone). Reading Brittain’s note at the end of the book was helpful in explaining the movement of the stone from the land of the Bible, to the land of legends.”

    Amazon Customer

  • “What an honor to have started 2017 with such a wonderful read. D. A. Brittan’s historical novel; Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone has taken Biblical history, royal British tradition and woven a beautiful love story. Not only a love story between Princess Teia and Eochaid but God’s love story to His chosen people and believers throughout history into the future. Brittan links present day to the past with an epilogue looking forward to Christ’s return. I was drawn to all the characters and swept up into the storyline. This is a definite read for anyone who loves to read God’s Word and to read great fictional novels. I received this book through a Goodreads contest and agreed to review it honestly.”

  • “This is an interesting book with well-developed characters and details from the time in which they lived. I liked how the author added a lot of internal struggle for the main princess, Teia; D. A. Brittain did a very good job of letting the reader see how difficult it was for Teia to always follow God’s leading through Jeremiah when she didn’t always want to.”

    Connie (Goodreads)
  • “I loved the story and the eye opening perspective it gave me about history, especially biblical history. I knew Babylon had been brutal when they destroyed Jerusalem, but D.A. Brittain made me think about it from the human viewpoint. I really like the truths shared about the history of holidays celebrated now and their connections to the pagan rituals. Brittain masterfully wove the origin of bunnies and decorated eggs into the story. It was a great book and I am thankful this book was sent to me for a review.”

    Ann (NetGalley Review)
  • “A very interesting story which started with the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem and Jeremiah’s flight to Egypt. After that, all of the characters are fictional, and the story is fictional as to what happened thereafter. But, I enjoyed the story of Teia and Eochaid and their love for each other.”

    Ed (Goodreads)
  • “What Brittain does best is weave an interesting love story during one of the most troublesome times in Jewish history, giving hope to the idea that maybe not every member of the royal family was destroyed. As Princess Teia continues her journey, you see her battling with accepting a God that her entire family rejected to their peril. Will Teia be able to find happiness?

    “Brittain does well to spin a love story that moves back and forth between the past and modern day. If you enjoy biblical fiction you should enjoy this book.”

    Kelly (NetGalley)

  • “The author brings to life the history of her travels, speaking truth, as she researched the historic sites in length. Her knowledge of the Bible is apparent as she quotes many truths in it. She weaves the story of Princess Teia and her trials and tribulations of her journey. I highly recommend this book to all. Once you start reading, it is a book you cannot put down.”

    Amazon customer
  • “What a great story! Travel with Jeremiah, his scribe, Baruch, a small group of Israelites and a princess as they escape the wrath of Nebuchadnezzar, sojourn for a while in Egypt and escape from ruthless pirates! Jeremiah carries the stone that Jacob used for a pillow from Jerusalem through their exile to its final resting place.

    “The book of Jeremiah comes alive through a teenagers eyes as she has to conceal her identity, learn of her father’s’ and brothers’ deaths and keep her faith through many trials as she reaches her final destination.”

    Terry (NetGalley)
  • “I enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it. I will be adding it to my home library and my biblical fiction collection.”

    Anne (NetGalley)
  • “A fascinating read. Brittain has a gift for describing the senses. I could taste the foods, smell the spices, feel the texture of the clothing and imagine my feet sinking into the sand. I recently watched Jerusalem on Nova and it was a marvelous visual complement to this history.”

    Krista (Goodreads)
  • “I loved reading the amazing and awesome romance story written by D.A. Brittain. I received an ARC through NetGalley for an honest review. Read the suspenseful, highly recommended, wonderfully written, and a must read love story of Teia and Eochaid.”


  • “The story begins and ends in the present day in England that gives it relevance to what was revered in ancient times is still treasured today. In 586 BC, Jerusalem was destroyed and Jeremiah, God’s prophet, escapes with the last royal survivors and a group of refugees. By boat they travel first to Egypt – where an encounter with British seafarers starts the group on a long sea journey full of violent adventures and saved by God’s guiding words through Jeremiah, his prophet.

    “The characters are so realistic and beautifully crafted – the research in these ancient worlds is immaculate and it feels like you are right there with them in a village in Egypt or in the violent storm on the Atlantic – it reads like a movie script.”

    Gisela (Amazon)

  • “This is a fast paced, romantic adventure set in Biblical times. D.A. Brittain’s writing style and storytelling is colorful and rich; it draws you into the story in such a way that you feel like you are actually there. I look forward to more from this author.”

    Susan (Amazon)

  • “This book weaves together legends of a love story and the merging of cultures, providing not only historical detail of life during ancient times, but also a plausible story to support the royal lineages and the history of Britain’s coronation stone.

    “Its vivid descriptions include frenzied pagan ceremonies, land and sea battles, flirting with the opposite gender, and palace intrigue.”

    Sherie Ann (Amazon)

  • “This was one of my all-time favorites. It was so well written, I found myself feeling like I was there. Very descriptive, I was crying, smiling, cringing, excited, scared and a host of other feelings. I love that it is historical love story. I love that it kept me wanting to keep reading it to the end!! Can’t wait for the next book to be available.”

    Sheri (Amazon)